Camp Days- Lakes Region Conservation Corps (Squam Lakes Association)

On camp days our Lakes Region Conservation Corps members spend the day serving around SLA or out on our trails and end the day camping out on one of our islands. The SLA owns two islands on Squam Lake, and members are responsible for the care and maintenance of twelve campsites and seven bathrooms. The composting toilets need to be cleaned every other day. The camping designation also means that members spend the night out on the islands. One site has a small cabin with no electricity or running water, the other areas require a tent, which we provide.  Members also visit each campsite to check in registered campers, confirm reservations, and ensure camping rules are being followed. At the end of the day , members head back to the caretaker campsite to relax, read a book or just listen to the loons.

Other duties on camp days include clearing the trails around campsites and bathrooms, defining clear trail corridors with appropriate blazing, picking up garbage from beaches, moving, bundling and splitting firewood for use on the islands, and fixing or replacing docks or tent platforms. The satisfaction of looking back on a freshly stacked pile of wood or a new camping platform before heading out to spend a quiet night on an island is amazing.

You can learn more about SLA the camping program from our website.

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