2022 Squam Canoe Classic: Bass Fishing Tournament Series

The Squam Lakes Association’s

Squam Canoe Classic: Bass Fishing Tournament

Seasoned pros alongside the most amateur anglers are going to love this event!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2022 tournaments. Click here to see the winners!


The SLA is excited to announce our Eighth Annual Squam Canoe Classic! This is a very approachable bass tournament experience with plenty of good natured sportsmanship to go around. The Squam Canoe Classic is all about the love of the lake, having a great time on the water and landing the big one. We are continuing to partner with Eastern Adaptive Sports (EAS) to provide a quiet water fishing experience, allowing adaptive anglers the opportunity to fully participate in the event. For individuals in need of adaptive access, please indicate this requirement upon registration. 

Here is your opportunity to test your skills in a laid back way and to introduce beginner anglers to the art and pleasure of recreational fishing. Load up the canoe, kayak, float tube or any style of human powered watercraft and head out for an afternoon of timeless moments on the water. Quietly ease up to that favorite fishing hole and use all your skill and cunning to hook yourself a winner! 

All registrants must pick up an information packet before the start of the tournament. On June 15th we will place the information packets in a box labeled Bass Tournament on the front entry way at the SLA.

All adaptive registrants can register online and then obtain this packet at River Edge Marina, Ashland, NH, or contact Geoff Krill at geoff@easternadaptivesports.org

This is a motorless event and will be open to any vessel that’s completely human powered. Participants will fish lead-free tackle only, click here for NH's new regulation on lead tackle. This event will be a catch and immediate release tournament. After landing the big one, anglers will document their catch by weighing, measuring and taking a photo then releasing the fish back into the deep where the legend can swim on. Some ambitious anglers may pour over the charts and carefully plan out their paddle route, while others will point the bow, pull on the paddle and follow their instincts. Anyone can participate!  Click here for more information on bass fishing on Squam! 

2022 Squam Canoe Classic: Bass Fishing Tournament Series

This year's Squam Canoe Classic is a three part tournament series celebrating fish, quiet nature, sportsmanship, and wholesome family fun. This is a registered, public bass tournament. Read the rules and regulations for the Squam Canoe Classic below. 

2022 Tournament Dates and Times (click below to go to registration page for that date):

Tournament 1: June 25th, 8:00 AM- 1:00 PM

Tournament 2: July 23rd, 8:00 AM- 1:00 PM

Tournament 3: August 13th, 8:00 AM- 1:00 PM

Canoe Classic Rules and Regulations

Registration: Registration for the Canoe Classic is FREE, but each tournament will be capped at 20 boats. If you will have more than one person in your boat please include their registration information on the registration screen as well. All registrants must register online and pick up an information packet before the start of the tournament or they will not qualify. Click on the above links to register.

All registrants must pick up an information packet before the start of the tournament. On July 1st we will place the information packets in a box labeled Bass Tournament on the front entry way at the SLA for you to pick up at your convenience. 

All rules are explained in detail in the packet. If you pick up your registration packet during the week you DO NOT have to come to the SLA Headquarters on the day of the tournament. 

Prizes and winners: This is a catch and release "paper" tournament. Each angler will record and report on their two biggest fish that they measured that day. The angler with the longest bass caught each tournament day will be recognized with their photo on the SLA website and a paper certificate. The other prizes will be randomly drawn from the pool of all anglers for each tournament day! The prizes include an SLA hat, an SLA mug, and a free SLA boat rental (date restrictions apply). The grand prize, selected from all tournament series entrants is an assortment of SLA items!

Watercraft: All boats must be human powered. This includes canoes, kayaks, float tubes and rafts. This is a 20 boat max tournament, sign up today to claim your spot!

Catch and Release: This is a catch and release paper tournament. Important! All fish caught as part of this tournament must be documented and submitted to the SLA for permit reporting purposes. A photo of your bass (no more than two submissions per angler per tournament) and a photo of the complete data sheet must be received by the SLA by email at bass@squamlakes.org no later than 1:00pm on the tournament day.  Photos and data sheets MUST be emailed. Provide yourself with time at the end of the day to submit your entry. Entries submitted after 1:00pm will be disqualified. Click here for a great example of how to safely catch and release fish without causing them harm. 

Fishing Tackle: Only lead-free artificial lures, including flies shall be used. You will receive a lead-free lure in your information packet. Live bait is not permitted.  All bass must be caught alive in a conventional sporting manner and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the State of New Hampshire. Click here for more information on lead-free fishing!

Tournament Start / Finish Times and locations: Anglers may launch from any legal location; the Squam Lakes Association, Dog Cove, and the public boat launch or from any private launch spot on Big Squam if participant secures permission from landowner. The check-in point shall be at the Squam Lakes Association Resource Center. All entries (photo of fish against ruler and data sheet) must be submitted by 1:00pm the day of the tournament and may be submitted through email to bass@squamlakes.org.  

Late arrivals/submissions will not be accepted.


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Additional Rules and Regulations

  • Before Registration: As a reminder, this tournament requires that each angler must use Lead Free Tackle. Please join your fellow anglers to make the switch to non-lead tackle today and help protect New Hampshire’s lakes and wildlife!
  • Please familiarize yourself with the current NH Fish and Game state regulation: Current New Hampshire state law prohibits the use of lead sinkers and jigs in all fresh water in New Hampshire, including lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. The ban prohibits the sale and freshwater use of lead fishing sinkers and lead jigs weighing one ounce or less in New Hampshire. A “lead jig”means a weighted hook that weighs one ounce or less and is prohibited regardless of whether it is painted, coated, covered by some other substance or by attached skirts. 
  • All NH fishing regulations apply. Anglers 16 and older must hold a valid NH fishing license.This tournament is permitted for catch and immediate release of all fish. Only black bass (large and smallmouth) are eligible for entry in the tournament. Fishing competitively for black bass in New Hampshire has intensified substantially over the last decade. With this in mind, it has become increasingly important for bass tournament sponsors and participants to keep the following in mind, in an effort to minimize potential conflicts with other user groups and to maximize the survival of bass that are caught and subsequently released during the event.
  • Show consideration at all times at the launch ramp by alternating the launching and retrieving of boats with other boaters, allowing equal access to the ramp. Show consideration at all times on the water. Respect other lake users space and activities. Keep a 150’ distance from loons.
  • Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times by all tournament participants.  Each participant is required to have a Coast Guard approved life preserver and all safety equipment required by the State of New Hampshire boating laws on board.
  • Maximum courtesy must be practiced at all times, especially in regard to boating and angling in the vicinity of property owners or non-competitors who may be on the tournament waters.  Any act of a participant that reflects unfavorably on the Squam Lakes Association and its efforts to promote fisheries, conservation, clean waters and courtesy, shall be reason for immediate disqualification.
  • No alcohol permitted at the tournament sites – before, during, or after – any tournament.  You will be disqualified from that tournament and banned from participating in any future Squam Lakes Association tournaments.